L’espace AD

São Paulo, Brasil A relevant hexagonal shape together with lit vertical surfaces assure the architecture legibility and brithness perception.
Eric David MartinezMario VargasOscar VirgenAngel GonzálezMarta FelizardoIsis Gomez
Despacho:Rafael Leão lighting design
Equipo:Rafael Leão
Cliente:ADEO Group / Leroy Merlin
Arquitecto:Mauricio Queiroz
Fotografía:Marcelo Kahn
Créditos adicionales:Henrique Correa

This home design center (HDC) concept is based on building an inspirational experience for its visitors. Mainly created for architects and interior designers as a target, the L’espace has 3.000m² with twenty different high-end showrooms, meeting booths, a small lecture space with a foyer, and a shared working area in the lobby.

The space atmosphere was set to be dramatic and sophisticated. But as the visitors would be indoors with no natural light for a long time, the lighting design strategy established a limited contrast ratio and balanced the light levels to avoid visual fatigue and assure a smooth transition among the different sectors.

The hexagonal shape, presented initially in the lobby, is also applied in several interior design elements throughout the HDC, such as the meeting rooms, customer-service booths, lounge, and the lecture space suspended ceiling. Instead of pursuing a separate identity for each sector – which could be followed as they have different materials and requirements – the lighting design concept used the strong image of the hexagonal shape as a connection element. This composition assured all different ambiances belong to the same context bringing consistency to the project.

The lighting design concept treated the hexagonal ceiling in the lobby as the primary design reference transforming it into a large luminaire, expanding the space perspective, and creating rhythm. In the background of the reception desk, a linear light washes the tile cladding enhancing its texture and strengthening its importance without conflict with the strong ceiling. As part of the lobby, the working booths have perimeter lighting that extends their depth. This lit end-of-perspective solution increases the brightness perception of these cozy spaces.

The visitor starts his path through the home furnishing showroom. A combination of linear diffuse and spotlights mounted in a suspended track provides the proper illuminance levels and drama to mimic a residential design look. In addition, the track assures the necessary flexibility for future customizations.

From the residential sector, the visitor accesses the main showroom. Originally, this 4,5m ceiling height open area hosted a different home design store with a hangar look lit by a mix of LED bars and 4000K spotlights mounted on white cable trays. The lighting design project proposed that the cable trays were painted in black to make them invisible. 40° spotlights illuminate the wall displays while wide beam 55° spotlights assure a balanced contrast for the center displays of the exhibition booths.

To avoid the feeling of a dark environment due to the black ceiling, the lighting designer took particular care of all ends of perspectives, especially in the customer-service area where wall-washing perimeter light provides uniform brightness to the white background wall. In addition, the hexagonal lights over the customer-service booths and lounge area also work as visual references for guidance in the great showroom, such as landmarks in the urban context.Small floodlights installed in the hexagonal panels in the lecture space provide accent lighting on the stage and remain discreet in the composition.

LPD: 10.7W/m. (0,99W/ft.)

Luminarias y equipos utilizados:

Omega Light: 33W, 40°, 4000lm spotlight; Omega Light: 33W, 55°, 4000lm spotlight; Omega Light: 26,5W, 40°, 2800lm spotlight; Omega Light: 26,5W, 55°, 2776lm spotlight; Omega Light: 20W, 55°, 2318lm spotlight; Omega Light: 14,4W/m, 1560lm/m, wall-washing linear lighting; Omega Light: 216W, 17.460lm custom hexagonal pendant; Omega Light: 270W, 19.500lm custom hexagonal pendant; Omega Light: 8W, 1100lm reduced output LED with custom hexagonal wood ceiling mount; Omega Light: Atmo 2,5W, 40°, 200lm mini spotlight, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it downlight 7W, 36°, 570lm, 2700K, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it downlight 14W, 48°, 1140lm, 2700K, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it wall wash 6W, 460lm, 2700K, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it spotlight 20W, 36°, 1440lm, 2700K, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it linear diffuse 28W, 1980lm, 2700K, CRI 90; Interlight: Do-it linear diffuse 35W, 2480lm, 2700K, CRI 90

Proyecto enviado por:

Rafael Leão lighting design, Brasil

Eric David MartinezMario VargasOscar VirgenAngel GonzálezMarta FelizardoIsis Gomez

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