93 Two Gables Residence

Two Gables Residence

Chicago, Estados UnidosSeleccion With a goal of an intimate every-day home to gradually retire into, the client's interests and tastes are everywhere. Soft, warm, intimate and highly social, the home is a retreat from the world with those that they love.
Omar RojasEric David Martinezitzae cardeñaITZEL RIVERA
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Despacho:Lux Populi
Integrantes:Denise ToralThomas PatersonMaría Teresa Flores
Arquitecto:Wheeler Kearns Architects
Fotografía:Kendall McCaugherty
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Designed for a retiring couple, this residence is designed to be a welcoming and unintimidating destination for the clients, their friends, their adult children, and hopefully their future grandchildren.  The home is consciously an invitation to gather.  He is continuing to work for several years to come, so his office is an active space for him to make calls from, host small meetings, and to work within.  It expresses as a more modern and buisnesslike space, while being contiguous with the living room and kitchen. Her office, by contrast, at the other end of the house, is a place for experimentation with art and other entertainments, a space to relax and read poetry, and to withdraw occassionally. The rest of the space is profoundly sociable,  whether the large cafe/kitchen space, which is lit with decorative light from above – simple chinese paper shades provide ample soft light, scaling of the space and light the vault in an un-architectural way. All downlighting uses ELV dimmed warm dim fixtures recessed and mudded in, with interchangeable trims to convert between wallwashers and accents where required.  Glare is managed both through the pinhole trim and the ubiquitous use of honeycomb louvers when overhead.  As a result, the space is soft and comfortable.  All downlights are laid out where tasks are, and the lines of fixtures (and occassional cluster) have a sense of “belonging” to the furniture or task below. The landscape lighting is dominantly hidden in the canopies of trees, and used only where it both animates useful space AND is visible outside the windows, so all energy used serves double functions.  Less than 20% off all exterior lighting is upward facing so as to manage sky-glow contribution.   The pool area beyond the trees, and the associated guest house are very minimally lit in the exterior so as to blend out of the view unless they are active at night, while social events in those spaces are lit with fire-light and battery sources. The client is a quiet artist and appreciator of her art collection, so the art lighting is present, but consisitently achieved with wallwashing rather than accenting, giving it presence but not dominance.

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Halo – Track FixturesSoraa – PAR and A-Lamp bulbsElement Entra – recessed lightingHevilite – Exterior architectural lightingLouis Poulsen – Decoratives

Omar RojasEric David Martinezitzae cardeñaITZEL RIVERA
Comparte este proyecto! 🙂#bienaliluminacion #premiosiluminet

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