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Paris Theatre – Queen Miami Beach

Miami, Estados Unidos SeleccionSeleccion Blending a restaurant and nightclub into a historical theater building required subtle techniques with real bling. Gathering lights into families of domes (ceiling and walls) gave a single motif, typically glowed out with low CCT tape colors, but able to full RGB, each dome also contains remote aimable table spotlights and nightclub lights. A central dome opens to reveal a flower of giant triangular LED screens, a mirror ball and dozens of lasers and disco lights. Meanwhile entrances, bathrooms, VIP suites and the like have highly integrated schemes detailed into varying motifs reminiscent of the building's art deco origin.
Omar RojasSandra LeguelDIEGO MASACHEMarco MoralesCarla RodríguezMarianne De Bruijnitzae cardeñaOMSIM ONURES SEROMAEzequiel NobiliITZEL RIVERA
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Despacho:Lux Populi
Integrantes:Julien CaquineauMarco MoralesPedro HurtadoThomas PatersonFrancisco MontesMaría FloresCarolina IbarraAxel MagosHugo SolanoGareth Davies
Arquitecto:Beilinson Gomez
Fotografía:Craig Denis Creative
Créditos adicionales:Interior Designers: Carlos Rodriguez - Modplay StudioSamy Chams - Prospect Design Construction Management:Selin Susoy  - Massa Investment GroupSteven Magnus - Iron Bridge AV & Control system Consultant:Ernesto Blanco - Koncept System MEP:Roberto Kachakil - CredoIrina Goldenberg - Credo General Contractor: Ricky Lehman  - Chelle ConstructionLuciana Castro - Chelle ConstructionLenin Moreno  - Chelle Constrcution

Converting a historic theater into a restaurant with nightclub spaces and performances required many layers of lighting, including theatrical, laser, nightclub and architectural lighting as well as decorative lighting.  Designed through multiple changes of design team, the lighting was flexible enough to adapt with simple changes of color, and changes of decorative luminaires. The line between interiors and lighting is blurred in the art deco style, but architectural interventions were located to place lighting as often as lighting was placed into architectural interventions. Quadruple height ceilings created challenges for adjustment, so focusing happened prior to installation of the tables, based on marked out furniture, and extremely long fixture life for reliability with occasional cherry picker service when also addressing other services.   Art deco detailing uses classic indirect technique.  Separate RGB and tunable white tape gives greater ability create pastel tones as well as saturated colors.  Accenting from automated lighting gives freedom and redundancy – a few extra spots allowing refocusing.  Each dome has a “double nipple” look with one being an ultranarrow pin spot for tables, the other being a sharpie. All lighting is controllable on architectural control systems, but slaves to the production control system as DJs fire up.  All lighting is scenes are keyed to a mix of astronomical timeclocks and food service changes, until DMX lighting takes over in nightclub spaces. Coordinating video screens in the automated dome (which opens revealing 16 screens and dozens of robotics) with lasers, nightclub and theatrical lighting plus architectural lighting required weekly coordination sessions with many parties.  Structural and mechanical engineers were involved to automate articulation of the dome, under the lighting designer’s guidance. The scheme is compliant with energy code, and achieves substantial efficiency through shutdowns of lighting systems not relevant to the time of day, avoiding vampire loads.  All architectural fixtures are either indirect or heavily snooted with crossblades or honeycombs. Throughout the project, in spite of the substantial budget, cost pressures required careful stewardship of supply chains, and where architecture or interiors changed through the life of the project, architectural lighting was retasked rather than replaced in the vast majority of circumstances. The historical nature of the building is warmly recognized in the lighting, but there is no doubt, it is a venue of its time. The project is one of the most sophisticated venues in the world, transitioning from restaurant to bar to nightclub with full integration, and physically transforming with the opening of the ceiling.  As a result, the experience for guests is one of endless wonder – a first impression of a lounge restaurant that later feels like a bar, where Peggy Lee might have sung, and on to become a cutting-edge nightclub, never having to leave one’s seat.

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Omar RojasSandra LeguelDIEGO MASACHEMarco MoralesCarla RodríguezMarianne De Bruijnitzae cardeñaOMSIM ONURES SEROMAEzequiel NobiliITZEL RIVERA
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