92 Meadow Lane Retreat

Meadow Lane Retreat

New Buffalo, Michigan, Estados UnidosSeleccion Meadow Lane Retreat is a simple, sophisticated home, two boxes side by side. Expressed in gentle, warm light, the modernist expression nevertheless feels comfortable in a rural context.
veronica damonteOmar RojasSandra LeguelMauricio PeraltaCeleste AlbertiniJUan Manuel Gutiérrez TorresJose Luis CardonaITZEL RIVERA
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Despacho:Lux Populi
Integrantes:Hugo SolanoFaria DíazFernando VillalobosThomas PatersonEdith VidalAndrea Calderon
Arquitecto:Wheeler Kearns Architects
Fotografía:Steve Hall & Lux Populi
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Meadow Lane Retreat sits in the forest line, with sight through one last line of trees, to Lake Michigan.  It is a retreat from the world, intensely private, focused on the gathering of family in a private surround.  The lighting scheme in the exterior addresses desire for privacy through minimal exterior lighting – slight moonlighting of the arrival drive, orientation to the parking court, a handful of trees gently lit, and little else.  Instead, the interior light is allowed to express outwards through clerestory windows.  One more vivid expression in light occurs at the pool deck, where a multi-scene expression allows very different uses.  The pool was designed with a dark liner, to allow it to function as a water mirror, reflecting the gently lit trees beyond, pool lights only being used when the pool is occupied.  This brings value to the pool throughout the seasons in this relatively cold climate. Within the house, two fundamental layers of light are used.  Uplighting provides soft ambient glow, utilizing low color temperature linear details (tuneable white only in areas where cooler light is needed for function, such as the staircase), the details being glass-and-honeycomb covered troughs in wall tops and floors.  This minimizes light trespass to the sky above, and gently textures the expression of light on ceilings, breaking up the light a little, and reducing the “city” sensation that can come with indirect and linear lighting.  Task lighting, whether in-shelf, under-cabinet or through downlighting exists only where needed.  Recessed ceiling lighting exists only over tables, washing art walls and the like.  As a result, contrast and richness emerges from the two layers of light.  Occassional decorative lighting is used to ground the scale of spaces and add intimacy. Scene setting is used to allow highly active family time with kids playing lego and jigsaw puzzles anywhere, through family dining and into the last glass of wine of the evening, descending from general, warm, crisp, ample lighting through people-centered lighting at gatherings, but surrounded by warm elements, and into highly accented, contrasty late night scenes. Bedrooms take a “Hotel” approach, with decorative lighting used for desks, bedside lamps and overhead lighting, suppported only by recessed ceiling lighting in bathrooms and circulations. Several special features are used to enhance the architecture, but never to scream about its presence.  Uplighting of the wall wrapping the main stair makes for an arrival space with real form and scale.  Bottle shelves in the linear pantry corridor make the experience of seeking a great glass of wine as a little discovery, and the dining table itself is cocooned in a bood-lined tube, with pendant lighting reducing the scale, balanced by wall uplighting ensuring that the space feels generous by day. Overall the project succeeds not because of lighting that draws attention to itself, but due to careful judgement of the experience of space and people, achiveved through light.

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Linear LED tapes.Recessed adjustable accent and wallwashers. In grade linear uplights

veronica damonteOmar RojasSandra LeguelMauricio PeraltaCeleste AlbertiniJUan Manuel Gutiérrez TorresJose Luis CardonaITZEL RIVERA
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