94 Madison Club Residence

Madison Club Residence

California, Estados Unidos "In the desert, how does one retain the sunset deep into the night? A giant oversailing canopy, gently uplit from concealed linear sources in 2200K comes on as the sun sets, and fades over hours, giving the impression of a home capturing and holding the sunset light deep into the night, the settings calibrated to sun angle and twilight. Complementary accenting and integration throughout the house in rich tones of light give an almost 1950s quality of light to a Palm Springs home. Throughout, careful detailing brings craft into the home experience."
Karla DiazJUan Manuel Gutiérrez TorresFernanda TorresITZEL RIVERA
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Despacho:Kovac Design Studio con la consultoría de Lux Populi
Integrantes:Michael Kovac - Kovac Design StudioThomas Schneider - Kovac Design StudioThomas Paterson - Lux PopuliDenise Toral - Lux Populi
Arquitecto:Kovac Design Studio
Fotografía:Roger Davies
Créditos adicionales:Styling: Anita Sarsidi

Designed as a retreat for an owner in a high pressure field, and with the intention to be both a retreat and an embassy for his collaborations, this house blends both mid-century desert modern and contemporary design while utilizing the latest in materials and lighting technologies.  The giant oversailing canopy connects six separate pavilions, and mediates direct sun through sintered aluminum panels.  The transmissivity of the canopy varies with sun angle, always moderate, but balancing, so higher midday penetration ensures enough fill light to address view-contrast.  The lighting design collaboration saw the canopies as key to the epxerience and outcomes of the project and experimented with various materials and lighting combinations before settling on the final product.  The aluminum captures the blue of the sky and the sunlight during the day and converts to feel like liquid gold under 2200K uplighting, which in turn feels like sunset light – light that lingers long into the night like the house is holding on to sunset.  The testing of the canopy lights hit a solution in a moment of clarity, when the planned 2200K light simulating late sunset struck the aluminum test material – it looked (and felt) like liquid gold. To retain coherence throughout the day, the astronomical timeclock flows through from wake-up levels for the gym, minimal daytime lighting just in inner stairwells, and on into a moderately bright evening, down into night time cocktail hour.  The timeclock was set and calibrated against sky conditions over multiple review sessions of multiple nights.  Accent lighting throughout is warm-dim to allow coherence with natural light and night time feel.   All indirect light is concealed, so the character of the canopy, interior ceilings and stairwells feels like the light belongs to the materials.  The canopy allows almost year-round use in the desert with all doors and windows open to natural ventilation.  Light trespass is heavily controlled, and landscape lighting is either downward facing or dies into walls or canopies, preventing light pollution.  In interior spaces, due to tight budget constraints, high quality pinhole luminaires are used front of house, while secondary spaces use budget warm-dim fixtures.  Color rendition and color temperatures were emphasized over fixture finishes, with fixtures either tucked out of sight or blended into sympathetic mounting materials. Budget pressures were tight with a series of value engineering cycles (without accompanying lowering of expectations) so numerous innovations were needed.  For example, the wine shelves individually uplight bottles – through cheap LED panels under glass – between the two is a black cardboard sheet, apertures cut to match the bottle layout providing specificity – and easily replaced as bottle displays change, wiht new card stencils.

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Karla DiazJUan Manuel Gutiérrez TorresFernanda TorresITZEL RIVERA
Comparte este proyecto! 🙂#bienaliluminacion #premiosiluminet

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