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Granor Farm To Table

Michigan, Estados UnidosSeleccion What if the greenhouse you're dining in can disappear in the night? Too often glass projects are asked to be lanternlike. Granor Farm instead is vitrine-like - a glass box into which one can look to see the inner life - and from which, one's eye is drawn out to the farm beyond, uninhibited by excessive reflection off the glass box.
MARIA DEL REFUGIO ORNELASJose MasacheMauricio Peraltajose diazFernanda TorresITZEL RIVERAÁlvaro Valdecantos
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Despacho:Lux Populi
Integrantes:Fadia DíazDiana CalderónHugo SolanoThomas PatersonEsteban AnayaIvan González
Arquitecto:Wheeler Kearns Architects
Fotografía:Steve Hall & Lux Populi
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The Granor Farm Farm-to-Table dining experience is in a new, off-the-shelf glass greenhouse, a structure most typically used for growing hydroponic vegetables.  Instead, at Granor Farm, it is used as a fine dining restaurant in a farm experience.  As such, the goals were to create an engagement between growing and dining.  The glass forms an essential climate separation, but the goal was to prevent it ever becoming a visual separation.   The scheme utilizes four grids of downlights, a row of acccent lights and otherwise only some small path-light scale bollards.  The beauty of this project exists in its crafted application of conventional solutions, not in technological innovation. The four grids of downlights are located two for the growing areas, and two for the dining areas – a large communal dining area and a private dining suite.  In the growing areas, 5600K gives vibrancy to the growing plants as well as supporting growth (though not significantly, proportionate to the ample sunlight in Spring/Summer).  This communicates the living plants, and their inner life.  These zones utilize diffuse glass for plant-growth reasons, so the inner life is mediated through the glass.  The dining areas, by contrast, utilize warm-dimming downlights running from 2600K early in the evening down to 2000K late, for candlelight glow.   All downlights are hyperbolic specular reflectors with a cutoff angle of about 40°.  This means that the fixtures are barely visible, as light sources and do not reflect on the glass.  They are positioned to make pads of light on the floor/table surfaces, but are kept away from structure.  They are allowed to scallop over the kitchen surface, an acknowledgement that their grid follows the industrial structure, and is not refined architecturally. Accent lighting at 2700K in the private dining illuminates a display of antique hose tips and other farm paraphernalia.  Connections between the lit areas are lit simply with small path lights.  Two internal pods contain the washroom/locker room spaces, lit with 2700K accent lighting, and the kitchens, lit with practical working light.  The locker room light is allowed ot bleed out through the arrival door to assist in orientation. The industrial simplicity of the project works because of the sophisticated reflectors and light sources.  The scenes are programmed in sympathy with the setting sun. Granor Farm’s greatest lighting success is in the sensation of the night that is afforded diners – after a tour of a farm, they gather to dine on the produce, while the world gradually gets more intimate around them, by the end of the night simply the warmly lit faces of their fellow diners, and the chefs presenting each dish.

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Acuity – DownlightsHevilight – Path LightsThomas – PAR Can accent lights

MARIA DEL REFUGIO ORNELASJose MasacheMauricio Peraltajose diazFernanda TorresITZEL RIVERAÁlvaro Valdecantos
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