KitKat Chocolatory

São Paulo, Brasil The lighting strengthens the brand and set the mood.
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Despacho:Rafael Leão lighting design
Integrantes:Rafael Leão
Arquitecto:Fitch Design / LPA Arquitetura
Fotografía:Marcelo Kahn
Créditos adicionales:Henrique Correa

This store was the first KitKat flagship that Nestlé opened globally. Aiming the public interaction, the client can customize his chocolate, play games, relax or work at the coffe, take pictures in the store window swing, and extend his experience in a virtual reality system. The lighting concept incorporated this playful experience in the ambient lighting with two different approaches. The first relates to the ambiance, creating a dialogue between lighting and architecture with the brand in mind. The second approach relates to the clients perception of exclusivity and enhancement of the shopping experience.

To work with the ambiance, the store catchphrase «create your break» was used as a motive for the lighting design where linear LED lights with triangle and diamond shapes mimic the pieces of a broken kitkat on the ceiling. All originates from a lit display with a broken kitkat on the entrance wall and then covering the entire room. The central display representing chocolate bars in the vertical was lit with downlights on its top and uplights on its base. All of them have honeycomb louvers to make them invisible to the observer. The main target was enhancing this central element, called pick & mix, as the primary piece in the hierarchy with the «broken kitkat lights» around it, intensifying the overall sense of movement present to the design. In addition, light openings were incorporated in the red pipes inviting the client to walk through the connected displays while track lights integrated on the broken kitkat shapes and along the wall provide the necessary flexibility for the display lighting. Aiming the client’s feeling of exclusivity, circular pendants over the lounge areas invite the client to relax and enjoy. As all lights work with DALI drivers an automation unit integrated with a timer make all them pulsate from time to time to simulate a breathing effect. The time-related effect can also be triggered when a client enters the VR unit inside the pick & mix, where vertical lines dim down and up, making a clockwise movement effect every time a new user starts the game.

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Rafael Leão lighting design, Brasil

Cativa: recessed downlight 15¼, 1100lm, 3000K, CRI 90Cativa: linear recessed LED light 15W/m, 1.400m/m, 3000K, CRI 90Cativa: recessed downlight, 12W, 40¼, 1400lm, 3000K, CRI 90Cativa: round pendants, 25W, 3360lm, 3000K, CRI 90Cativa: linear wall lights, 12W/m, 1450lm/m, 3000K, CRI 90Omega Light: EM0286 recessed downlight 15¼, 63lm, 3000K, CRI 90Omega Light: PI5315 spot lights, 13W, 55¼, 1844lm, 3000K, CRI 90Omega Light: PI5315 spot lights, 24W, 24¼, 2321lm, 3000K, CRI 90Omega Light: PI5315 spot lights, 24W, 55¼, 2542lm, 3000K, CRI 90Omega Light: PI5315 spot lights, 24W, 40¼, 2542lm, 3000K, CRI 90
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